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Topics include health, family, fashion, lifestyle, career, finance, hobbies, relationships and so much more.

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Ways To Make Extra Money – Start a Side Hustle!

Suggestions on how the woman in midlife can make some extra money by starting up a side hustle. Lots of ideas, from nannying to starting a blog and much more.

5 Top Tips for When You Just Can’t Sleep

Insomnia totally sucks, and trust me, I know this first hand. I've battled this inability to sleep off and on for years, and I'm pretty sure I've tried every trick in the book. While I don't always have it under control, here are my top 5 tried and tested tips for...

How To Go Gray – Tips to help you ditch the dye

Have you been wondering how to go gray? Given the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, more and more of us have been pushed into making a choice about whether or not to continue to dye our hair to cover those pesky white roots. With salons closed, sales of DIY hair colour have...

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